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I started my career as a ‘blue collar factory workman’, and later completed my full time MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. I have 17+ years of work experience across various companies in Manufacturing and Service Sectors. I have worked with companies like GE and Bosch to name a few.

I draw my inspiration from the timeless principles ingrained in the Bhagavad Gita. I am a strong proponent of work-life balance and subscribe to the ancient Japanese principle of Ikigai which means ‘a reason for being’. I live with my wife who is a Home Minister and my school going daughter.

I like Sci-fi movies, my favourite character is Captain Picard of Star Trek. I am Zumba dancer and have given performances as well. I love shopping and believe it to be a therapy. I headbang to heavy metal and go to music concerts regularly.

Although I am a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I believe that the first line of defense against any business problem should be common sense. Apart from work, I also address audiences as competition judge, chief guest, motivational speaker and a Trainer.

Prabhakar Author of Book & Steps to MBA
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