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7 steps to MBA

The book also contains interviews of various individuals who have done their MBA in India, abroad, Entrepreneurs, HR personnel and also Member of Board of Governors at a B School.
7 steps to MBA

DIY guide for the MBA aspirant

DIY (Do It Yourself) guide for the MBA aspirant. It details the DIY path for the MBA aspirant right from the first step.

Decision of doing an MBA

Campus Placements or Entrepreneurship

Market research, calculations and creating project plans

Whom is This Book For

Young Entrepreneurs

People who challenge to build our economy up! They need sound advice.

Startup Teams

Startuppers inspired with their ideas need some help to implement their projects.

Established Companies

Technologies are developing faster than ever, and companies should follow them.

Small Companies

Owners of small companies need clear guides to develop their business to achieve success.

About the Interviewees

I have also included MBA perspectives of various individuals by interviewing them.

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